About BScH Department

The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities started from the inception of the college. Knowledge in Basic Science is the base of Engineering. The department is functioning with a team of dedicated faculty members who have been actively engaged in imparting quality teaching of the courses in Basic Sciences and Humanities for graduating Engineering students. The core courses being offered are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Environmental Science and Engineering Drawing. This Department is devoted to forward the fundamental principles and understanding of science to enhance the Students’s basic knowledge in Engineering.

The department has English Language Communication Skills Lab with Walden Software, Engineering Physics lab and Chemistry Lab. The strength of the department lies in perfect synchronization of knowledge and skills. The major motivating factor of the department is commitment and team work that is exhibited in teaching – learning process. Every faculty member is provided to access to the internet. This facilitates sharing of knowledge and information which plays a significant role in upgrading and enriching research work.

The Department aims to remit the best for society by transmit quality education to stimulate the spirit of probe in the students, a passion to acquire skills, knowledge to enrich their lives to widen their intellectual and entrepreneurship qualities.

Additionally, the department has made tremendous progress technologically. Teaching and Research should go hand in hand. The faculty members of the department actively participate and present papers in conferences and attend programs such as workshops, seminars, FDPs etc.. Various guest lectures and industrial visits are arranged for the students to acquire practical knowledge in their course of study.

Department of Basic Science & Humanities

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Date of Joining Qualification
1 Dr. M VENKATA VEERA PRASAD HOD & Assistant Professor 15/06/2006 M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D(Physics)
2 Mr. MADEM GURUBHASKARA REDDY Assistant Professor 02/04/2015 M.A (English)
3 Mr. M NAGENDRA PRASADREDDY Assistant Professor 02/04/2015 M.Sc., (Mathematics)
4 Mr. M RAJESHNAGARAJA RAO Assistant Professor 02/04/2015 M.Sc., (Mathematics)
5 Mrs. SHAIK MASTAN BEE Assistant Professor 02/04/2015 M.Sc., (Mathematics)
6 Mr. BANGI BASHA Assistant Professor 23/05/2016 M.Sc., (Mathematics)
7 Mrs. MUKKAMALLA LAKSHMIDEVI Assistant Professor 24/06/2016 M.Sc., (Chemistry)
8 Mr. RACHUGORLA VENKATESU Assistant Professor 01/08/2019 M.Sc., (Chemistry)
9 Mrs.SHAIK NAJMA Assistant Professor 15/03/2021 M.Sc., (Physics)
10 Ms. CHILAKALA BHAGEERATHI Assistant Professor 05/08/2015 MBA
11 Mrs. KOKANTI VENKATA NANDINI Assistant Professor 22/07/2022 M.Sc., (Mathematics)
12 Ms. BADABAGNI DEVI ANANYA Assistant Professor 02/09/2022 MBA
13 Mr.SIMHAM VIJAYA KANTH Assistant Professor 01/03/2023 M.Tech
14 Mrs. ACHUKATLA SALMA Assistant Professor 11/07/2023 MA., (English)
15 Dr K SUBBARAYUDU Assistant Professor 27/09/2023 M.Sc., Ph.D (Mathematics)
16 Mr. VUDEELA JAGANNATHA REDDY Assistant Professor 01/09/2023 M.Tech
17 Mrs. M LAKSHMI DEVI Assistant Professor 07/02/2024 M.Sc., (Chemistry)
18 Mr. YERAVA NARAYANA REDDY Librarian 07/09/2006 M.Li.Sc.,
19 Mr. SHAIK TAJUDDIN Physical Director 01/05/2015 M.P.Ed.,N.I.S